Cover Up Electrical Outlets, Protect Your Little Ones

Posted by Bryan on 8/12/2012 to Electrical
They are all around your babies and toddlers - in every room they enter, every wall they pass. The danger from electrical outlets may seem small -- and it is -- but only as long as your wall outlets are protected correctly. If not covered properly, electrical outlets can pose great danger to little fingers.

What we are talking about here is something that every parent should should be acutely aware of; electrical sockets that are found in the walls of their homes, schools, daycares, churches, and even stores that they go into.

It is thought that close to at least 100 children are electrocuted every year due to unprotected electrical plug sockets. It seems as if the sockets just generally attract children to them. At some point, almost every set of little hands will move toward them in the exploration of their surroundings. It is an absolute necessity that parents take the proper steps to cover them effectively. They are the perfect size for a child to explore with a pair of tweezers that they may have stumbled across or even a slim piece of metal that they found in the back yard, and if your child happens to insert such things into an uncovered socket, then electrical injury is a definite possibility, possibly resulting in serious burns, brain damage, and even death.

There are no current federal guidelines that require parents to protect  electrical outlets with protectors of any sort, however, as a parent it should just be a sixth sense to look around and eliminate every danger that you can eliminate when it comes to your child. Open electrical outlets are one of those dangers. So the next time you are walking into your home or down a hallway, take the time to check and see if your plug outlets are protected from the precious little fingers of your child. It only takes a few minutes to take the steps necessary to protect your child from this type of danger.


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