Keep Home Work Spaces Safe For Youngsters

Posted by Joe P on 11/29/2012 to Childproof
Attention to home safety is a an important aspect of a caring and healthy family life, particularly when young children are involved. Products like "Lectralock" style plug protectors help prevent accidental electrical shock and are easy to install.

Electrocution accidents happen in the home with children under the age of 8 at high rates each year. According to the CDC there are 53,000 children under the age of eight that suffer from electrocution injuries and death each year. Many of these incidents could be avoided by simply protecting the electrical outlet and plugs from child tampering. Home offices, kitchens and work spaces need to be childproofed for safety whenever there is the potential for young children to wander into these areas; especially when adult attention may be elsewhere.

You can even turn the safety-proofing of the house into a "teaching moment" with toddlers. Explain to them that the outlets and plugs are for "adults only" and that they should not go near them. The serious look on your face will impress upon your child that the electrical outlets are not toys.

Keeping children safe from electrical injuries is of paramount importance to all parents. The ease of installation and short time required to install electrical outlet protectors is well worth the additional peace of mind.


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