Prevention is the Key to Electrical Safety at Home

Posted by Joe on 10/4/2012 to Electrical
It is estimated that upwards of one hundred children are electrocuted every year because wall sockets are not properly protected. This is so unfortunate because the steps to make sure that your children's little fingers and objects that they play with can't get into a wall socket are very easy to install and are relatively inexpensive.

It is all to easy for a child to find a small object such as a hair pin, or paperclip, and without realizing the danger, stick it right in the electrical outlet. Any adult who has ever been seriously hurt by electrocution from working on a wall socket can tell you that the experience is painful and often leaves serious injury such as burns. Serious electrocution can lead to a grown adult suffering brain damage or even death. Can you imagine what electrocution could do to a child? What parent would ever want their child to experience such a traumatic or fatal experience because of something so simple as outlet protection.

Although there are currently no Federal Laws mandating that parents must install electrical outlet protection, the very real possibility that electrocution might occur should be a top notch motivator to any parent. Electrical outlet protection is a very serious matter for anyone with children, so please consider covering those outlets up and keeping the little ones safe!


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