The Dangers or Electricity and Children

Posted by Bryan on 7/18/2012 to Electrical
The safety of children is among the highest priorities parents have in the management of their home.

Parents sometimes think their kids are safe simply because they are at home. But this assumption can lead to failure in adequately protecting children from even common household dangers.

It is easy enough for a crawling toddler to see an outlet (oftentimes it is at eye level for infants) and take an active interest in it. Their little fingers can sometimes fit directly in the socket, or they may try to determine the possibility that an object can fit into the slits.

These situations are extremely dangerous because electric shock can occur at any moment. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that nearly 4,000 electrocution injuries are treated each year in the Emergency Rooms around the country because of contact with an electrical socket. The risk of your child being injured through an electrical socket is so prevalent that it deserves your utmost attention.

Periodically perform a home safety inspection to check and make sure you have taken care of preventable hazards:
  • Check all the cords of your appliances to make sure that they have not become worn and frazzled over time.
  • When a cord has been worn down and the wires are exposed this proves an immediate danger. Infants may take interest and put the cord in their mouth or be enticed by the shiny metal inside the cord. Making sure the cords are in good working order can prevent this.
  • Be aware of the placement of appliances that have cords. If the cords are draping down and are reachable by little hands, find a piece of furniture to cover them with or determine a way to run the cable inside the wall where your little one can't reach it.
Being alert and prepared can help keep your child safe and happy.


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 The Dangers or Electricity and Children

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