The Power and Danger of Electricity

Posted by Melissa on 9/4/2012 to Electrical
While electricity is possibly the most useful invention to date, when not used properly it can be dangerous. Most adults know what precautions to use around electricity, but children are not aware of its dangers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2,400 children under the age of 10 are injured by electricity each year, and most of these accidents and injuries happen in the home. Children need to be taught not only about the usefulness or electricity, but also about the dangers it possesses and what safety precautions to use.

Many people (adults included!) believe the reasoning, "if I get shocked, I can just pull away." But the truth is, electricity travels at the speed of light and will travel through a human body to get to the ground. Children need to be taught how electricity works and how to correctly use it without risk of electric shock or fire.

The simplest way to teach your children about electricity safety is by talking to them. Inform them of the proper use and dangers of electricity. Supervise them when they start to use electronics and appliances. Let them ask questions and try to give simple answers that they can understand. As for younger children who are too young to understand the dangers, a simple outlet cover will stop a young child in their tracks. Outlet covers are easy to install and cheap to purchase. It is recommended that expecting parents purchase these covers in order to prepare for a new baby, who will be into everything in only a few months!

The most important thing to remember when teaching children electricity safety is teaching them proper use of electronics and appliances, and supervision. With proper education and supervision, electricity can be easy, safe, and fun for children to use.


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