What Kind of Child Safety Products Do You Use?

Chances are, you have the kind of plastic plug inserts that Temple University Research has proven are removable by most 2-year-olds.

Or slightly better. You might have the kind of covers that require a twist or slide motion to uncover the holes. Keep in mind, even with these, a child can partially remove the plug and get their fingers across the prongs.

The fact is, unless you are covering the receptacle and the plug, the electrical outlet is not properly protected.

At LectraLock, we have the solution: Our electrical outlet protectors are available in a variety of models, colors and sizes to suit your needs.

The Flat-Cover models will securely block the receptacle. You would typically use these on outlets that you would like to remove from use on a semi-permanent basis. The cover can only be removed with a screwdriver.

All of our Small Cover models are for protecting outlets with or without plugs in use. They are ideal for covering permanently in-use plugs such as tv's and lamps.

Our Large Cover models are used primarily for office equipment or other heavy duty plugs that might not fit under a standard size cover.

All of our models are designed to protect your electrical outlets from tampering and impact damage. The Small and Large Cover models will also prevent plugs from falling out - very useful for computer plugs behind desks! You will find that all of our products offer top notch “Made in the USA” quality!